Health Reform Alliance Think-in Report

In May 2016 the Health Reform Alliance (HRA) held in Think-in for those who were interested in learning more about the HRA

  • Principle 4 was voted as the most important principle to attendees.
  • The 5 HRA Principles were well understood. Suggestions were made for ways to refine and clarify the principles such as adding more definitions and distinctions between principles.
  • There was considerable focus on how to implement the 5 HRA Principles. Implementation strategies for individual principles and all 5 HRA Principles together often centred on adoption of a human rights approach (e.g. arguing for a right to healthcare), addressing cultural or attitudinal issues (e.g. identify current attitudes towards the healthcare system and universal healthcare, awareness raising on the benefits of a universal healthcare system), patient or public action (e.g. greater personal responsibility for health, mobilising a grass roots political movement) and institutional actions (e.g. greater interdepartmental and party thinking, longterm, well-resourced, realistic plans, restructuring of the current two-tier system).
  • Ideas for additional principles included a focus on quality of services, effective services and greater emphasis on the role of patients.
  • The 5 HRA Principles will be reviewed by the founding committee in light of the feedback and suggestions made by the attendees at the Think-in. Read more