Sláintecare assessment

The Health Reform Alliance welcomed the recent publication of the Sláintecare report and its recommendations, which we described as an ambitious strategy and a once-in-a-generation opportunity to offer meaningful reform.

Our member organisations first came together to seek changes to our health and social care system that ensures:

  • people are treated equally
  • that the system is focused on caring for all groups in our society
  • an entitlement to care, free at the point of access
  • the different elements of the health and social care system work together to provide quality care and;
  • the health and social care system is a universal, publicly funded system

With this in mind, we have assessed the Sláintecare report’s main recommendations against the key principles we set forth in 2015 upon our establishment, which outlined how Ireland’s health and social care system should be reformed.

This short overview looks at the key measures included in the report that may ensure progress on each our our five principles, along with identifying any shortcomings.

You can take a look at our assessment of the report here, and we hope you find it helpful.